Living in a video game

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Last May, after my trip to Vietnam, I dared using the metaphor of open-world games to explain that the rules of the game completely differ from those we know in Europe. Well today I will tell you my little adventure, closer to Uncharted or Tomb Raider. Nathan Drake, be prepared!

It was a beautiful late afternoon and I arrived in a brick building, the construction of which began in 1343 and ended in 1502. But it was partially destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt until 1956. Stunned by the size of the imposing tower overlooking the city, I decided to use the narrow spiral staircase that rose to the top.


But this hose, which made me turn 360 degrees as many times as a carousel horse, was just the appetizer of the climb. Not knowing the actual height of the building, I thought it lead to a hallway giving access to the roof. What a mistake ! I actually arrived into the heart of the tower, which was on top of the rest of the complex. And I got struck by the grand cinematic décor, gently illuminated by perforated shutters with fine horizontal strips, and full of lamps reminiscent of underground galleries. See for yourself:


The staircase had widened and was now clung to the walls, offering views of the striking geometric angles for their perspective.


Cables and metal railings gave a scary underground look.


The textures of brick and stairs, illuminated from different sources, seemed taken from a video game. I felt teleported into an imaginary world, carrying my torch, exploring this level certainly leading dsc07298to an even more incredible scenery and a final boss.Suddenly I heard steps below me. Enemies approaching? I ran over the steps, climbing, panting, to find a shelter, or rather a convenient location that would allow me to get my opponent in direct sight.

And now, after having passed heavy bells, the largest at around eight tonnes, I joined a seemingly weighted attic, letting appear multiple metal beams forming a triangle frame.


Then daylight became more vivid! And I heard the voice of a guard…


Quickly I climbed the last stairs to arrive at 82 meters above the city, on top of my journey.The guard places beckoned me to hurry because he was soon to begin its descent.

It was a second revelation. I was dazzled.


This panorama of the city of Gdánsk!


The Bazylika konkatedralna Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Gdańsku, more commonly Bazylika Mariacka, offered me this incredible maze followed by a magnificent panorama of the Stare Miasto, the Old Town of Gdansk, just north of Poland.



It was, after a busy working day, and before a good restaurant on the river, a great impromptu experience!

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